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Dr. Kim H. Veltman is a most distinguished scholar in the field of the Visual Culture and visual communication. His works are well known in the scientific milieu. And they are of great interest for his colleagues all over the earth.

‘9 And 11‘, created by Dr. Vetlman recently, is actually, an interesting work,  as for the symbolism and socio- politics, in a humanitarian context.  And of course, ‘9 And 11 ‘ will be of great interest for the researchers and specialists in all the matters, related to the humanitarian sciences, from a humanitarian point of intercultural view.

The summary of Dr. Veltman’s work is kept in the words of St. Francis Of Assisi ( as for  those mentioned by  Dr. Veltman as well ), as ‘ All the darkness in the World can not extinguish the light of a single candle ‘. What is the candle? What is the life? 

The candle is a source of the light ! And the light is a humanitarian life!
It is important to get a light  ( to acquire the truth in all the material and spiritual sides of the human life ), against the darkness and/or dark sides of the intellectuality of the human kind. This light is the light of the truth. And this light must be visual in all the human  kind.

In his work of  great interest,  Dr. Veltman has engaged in the study of the well-known and international and interreligious symbols  of the human kind, on their creative-destructive-recreative  aspects and functions. And he tries to Show us the importance of the interculturality for a better understanding  and appreciation of the visual elements in a humanitarian context.  This work is actually, a destructive and recreative one, which will be a light, in the framework of the visual phenomenons of the human life.
And this work is a quest.

‘As a quest for truth that can be shared offers a brighten light on the past fort he future, and helps to retain the essence of our humanity, which is tolerent diversity . ‘(  all of which have been written by Dr. Veltman as well )

Prof. Dr. Engin Beksac, Head of the Interdisciplinary Visual Culture Studies Programme, University of Thrace, Edirne, Turkey

24 Feb 2015

Conspiracy theories have always been an intriguing subject for the mankind, inspiring authors, fiction writers and even historians to write about them. Kim H. Veltman has done a splendid job in his book 9 and 11 by exploring history as it happened and the way it was communicated to the society. As I started reading the book, I was expecting a narrative of the American 9/11 and many myths associated with it. However, as I read through I was captivated and enthralled at the sheer beauty and simplicity with which the writer had taken us through a history tour to signify the important incidents happened on the date 9/11 in various parts of the world, leading to major geographical and political changes in the world. 
And it does not end here, accompanied with the historical narrative, the writer has also reflected upon how the current events are weaving their way to bigger future events that will undoubtedly change everything about our world. A treat for History students and lovers..Must read!

Sarfraz Ali Kiyani, Assistant Professor, FAST National University

07 Jul 2014

In his remarkable essay 9 and 11, Kim Veltman creates a kaleidoscopic history of the numbers 9 and 11, and explores the myriad influences of the swastika and hexagram on human affairs.  Kim ingeniously uses the twin themes of 9 and 11 to open up new perspectives on the nature of truth, falsehood and illusion that surround stories of events, individuals, and peoples; in ancient and modern times. Topics related to ‘story-telling’ and the assignment of meaning, which are central to man’s great adventure, are shown to be interconnected with the aforementioned numbers and symbols; and often in unusual, unexpected and surprising ways. In particular, Kim explores how traditionally accepted ‘truths’ are sometimes not so at-all, or at least they do not begin to approach the complex, interwoven and sometimes contradictory nature of human affairs as they truly exist—and especially in relation to matters of a tremendous import.

The reader may be surprised to learn of how historical happenings have been and are, deliberately assigned to new and different meanings—and often through the mechanism of word, number and symbol re-assignment. Kim demonstrates that dastardly plots, conspiracies and evil agendas are often behind such a restructuring of history. Unfortunately good-natured people are sometimes co-opted into the process of meaning reassignment; perhaps as a result of good-intentions (political correctness) and / or as a result of getting caught up in propagating singular and false histories. Kim gives interesting and illuminating examples of historicism and revisionism running out of control. He demonstrates how the perspectives of certain peoples, have been and are, dominant on a world stage, and how the plight of some other less-fortunate (or less influential) peoples have been, and are, ignored by the rest of the world. Kim’s scholarly analysis approaches the truth with an unusual rigour, candour and honesty; and he expresses viewpoints not often seen in standard historical texts and/or at school. He writes from the perspective of a humanist, and approaches his quarry—the truth— from a three-pronged direction; firstly with references to facts, actual and recorded; secondly by relating conversations with eminent people met during an illustrious career; and finally by means of his own personal history.

Kim illustrates the different ways in which a process similar to George Orwell’s newspeak is alive and well in the modern era, and operating not only on words, but (incredibly) in relation to wider human actions, and specific dates, numbers, and symbols. In the process, history may sometimes be rewritten to omit and / or re-classify important facts / details. Most frighteningly whole arenas of human endeavour and activity are to be ignored and / or dropped from history, and symbols such as the swastika and pentagram are to be outlawed or re-assigned; and all in the name of political correctness or else in a supposed fight against militarism /terrorism. Orwell’s fictional Ministry of Truth would have been proud.

In relation to the remapping of dates, numbers, and symbols Kim states that ‘we are in danger of denying and forgetting millennia of proper use.’  Many examples are provided of the relationships between people, events, dates, symbols and of the re-assignment of meaning. In his analysis, Kim demonstrates  not only how symbols can-be assigned meaning in our collective storytelling, but also how the actual struggles, writings and histories of some peoples have been / are being  altered and / or rubbed out in the minds of everyone alive today, young and old alike.

Kim employs specific numbers, symbols and dates to begin his analysis, and also to interweave human affairs into recognisable wholes.  Touching stories from the Second World War, and also the modern era, are merged with ancient ideas, using historical examples of the use of language and also the plights of vast numbers of people. Kim’s story of 9 and 11, is an epic one, and contains incredible coincidences, plus curious alignments of meaning from throughout space and time, and in relation to human history. Kim eloquently describes how often history has been, or is today, re-written, and supposedly in the name of a better future for all. According to Kim, ‘we need to study the shared heritage of symbols amongst all peoples.’ When such an eminent and kindly scholar as Kim feels the need to speak up in favour of protecting human history—and especially in relation to the meaning of basic symbols, numbers and dates; one becomes truly worried for us all.

Kim’s essay is an important and enlightening one, and is a powerful opening round in the battle to win back the truth of story-telling, and to defend the independence of numbers, dates, words and symbols; and so to return freedom and sovereignty to language itself. George Orwell would have approved.

Dr. Alan Radley [], Writer - Inventor – Technologist, KeyMail Ltd., Blackpool, U.K.

06 May 2014