Book "9 and 11" is about Day of Destiny and Day that Changed the World

Short Description

This is an unlikely story of true events. The bombing of the Twin Towers, the Day of Fate in Germany and Day of Destiny in Israel are all connected with the 11th day of the 9th month. Historically, these 9/11 dates are connected with cosmic events, swastikas and hexagrams. The book explores their history including conspiracy theories. One dominant version of the story is oversimplifying a rich history, others are being suppressed and truth is endangered.

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Kim H. Veltman, Scientific Director of the Virtual Maastricht McLuhan Institute (VMMI) is a scholar, author and consultant on implications of new media for scholarship, culture and society. His focus has been on Leonardo, perspective, new media and alphabets. For the past 40 years, he has lectured in five languages on the five continents on possibilities and dangers of new media with respect to cultural and historical dimensions of knowledge organization, semantics and multiple models of culture.

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Introduction of the book